Path to Holiness:

St.Bartolomea delineates the characteristics of the spirituality of her daughters in the Charter of Foundation. She outlines a clear and precise vision of the congregation she founded and its path to holiness. She calls the congregation as “The Institute of the Redeemer, and its members as Daughters of the Redeemer”. She envisaged that its life and activities be founded on charity i.e. .love of God and service of neighbour, in imitation of the life and example of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

The members are to express this redeeming love of Jesus, for humankind, particularly, the virtues of gentleness , humility, simplicity, detachment, renunciation , sacrifice, poverty, chastity and obedience through their charity-at-work to the needy, the poor, the sick, whom she considered as the living images of Jesus Christ.

Our spirituality is firmly rooted in the spirituality of our foundress; she decisively set for herself a clear goal of holiness in charity”. She wrote, “I want to become a saint”, and she devoted all the energies of heart and mind and soul and attained the heights of sanctity. The members streamline their life and activity on this spirituality. Our spirituality is centered around Jesus, our Redeemer, Crucified and risen. He is to be the “Norm” of life, our “Protector” and “Guide ”in service-

St.Bartolomea greatly desired to please Jesus alone to resemble Him in his love for his “Father”in heaven and for his suffering brothers and sisters, and to reveal to them a compassionate and loving God.

Don Angelo Bosio, the spiritual guide of the members, of the institute, exhorted, “Keep fixed in your mind this maxim, the poor and the sick represent Jesus Christ ...all that you do for them, Christ receives as done to Himself” –St.Bartolomea in the charter of Foundation clearly proposes to her followers, that, our Lord expects from these persons to do everything possible, to suffer everything, and even to shed their blood for the good of the neighbour.” Hence love of God, love of Christ, service of charity like that of Jesus, would lead her followers to the heights of holiness. They are to become true daughters of Christ , the Redeemer ---------They are to be singled out as his true followers, by their halls marks of gentleness, humility and charity, lived out in their sphere of service, in imitation of Jesus the Redeemer.

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